The TMF Story…


Being a personal trainer for over 12 years I have had plenty of experience with sportswear both personally and professionally.
From a personal point of view, I have found that many products look good when worn but do not provide the degree of comfort required by the sporting activities that many of us enjoy. Given my extensive knowledge of training, I wanted to design high-quality sportswear.
Dealing with a wide range of clients also made me aware of the range of problems they experienced while training, such as bras that don’t provide appropriate support, leggings that are see-through or generally having clothing that cannot cope with prolonged sweating.
The desire to help my clients led me to create TMF Sportswear which is engineered to optimise performance at affordable prices, while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. I also wanted to create a sportswear collection under the unique brand of my company, Tailor Made Fitness, so that by wearing the clothes my clients would also feel part of the TMF movement I have created. I have labelled this movement ‘FOR THE JOURNEY’ to make the fitness experience relevant to both sexes and also to all ages. The path to fitness may be subjective and therefore individually based, but TMF Sportswear gives the necessary comfort required to keep setting further fitness goals suited to a wide range of needs.
TMF sportswear has proved very popular not only with my clients but also with people outside my training circuit as the clothing I have designed can be used with comfort in any sporting activity.